Natural Remote Viewing Coaching

Here's how it works:
You sign up and say you interested. What you've doing is committing to yourself (and me) that you're going to do some serious remote viewing practice.
  • I’ll send you a target reference number via email.
  • You do your session. 
  • You email me back you session in PDF format, you will need to scan the pages and format to a single PDF file. 
  • I will review and grade your session using the Targ/SRI 8 point scale, and send back hopefully encouraging comments and helpful pointers.  I'll also provide some friendly prompting to get you to do you sessions.
We do that six times.

I will be looking for: 
  1. Your sessions to be formatted as detailed in the Natural Remote Viewing book.
  2. Sessions starting with a list of adjectives,
  3. correct use of ‘AOL’,
  4. a couple of sketches,
  5. a short summary.
Sounds like a lot of work. It is, but if you want to improve, that's what it takes.
Cost: $20