A practical guide to the mental martial art of self-discovery

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Natural Remote ViewingWe are all, to some extent, natural psychics; it is an innate ability. 
Natural Remote Reviewing offers a concise and practical introduction to expanding your awareness through a mental martial art of self-discovery.

The goal of this slim guide is that given some free time, a pen and paper, a little effort, and intention you can have your own experience of verifiable psychic functioning. Nothing esoteric is required. A step by step remote viewing procedure guides you through the process - just sit down, relax, and let your mind tell you things not accessible through your regular senses.

Amaze yourself and others!

A clear and concise explanation of the history, terms, and methods used in the 20 year US government funded research and operational programme are outlined. Resources are offered for those interested in continuing with their research into this fascinating topic; ourselves.

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