Describe the Object

The Queen Mother's Crown

The crown has a platinum frame set with 2,800 diamonds, mainly cushion-shaped but with some rose-cut and some brilliant-cut. The band, comprising alternating clusters formed as crosses and rectangles, is bordered with single rows of brilliant-cut diamonds and set at the front with a large diamond, which was given to Queen Victoria in 1856 by the Sultan of Turkey. Above the band are four fleurs-de-lis and four crosses-pattée. The front cross holds the Koh-i-Nûr diamond in a detachable platinum mount. The four tapering half-arches are removable, and are surmounted by a pavé-set monde and a cross, set with a rock-crystal replica of the Lahore Diamond (presented to Queen Victoria by the East India Company in 1851). Fitted with a purple velvet cap and ermine band.

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