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Remote Viewing at the Monroe Institute

Old post from previous blog.

I have just returned from attending a week long remote viewing course at the Monroe Institute in Virginia run by Skip Atwater. (Skip was instrumental in starting the military remote viewing program at Fort Meade - this story is told in his own entertaining and informative book; ‘Captain of My Ship, Master of My Soul’, as well as in Jim Schnabel’s excellent historic overview ‘Remote Viewers: The Secret History ofAmerica's Psychic Spies'). Unfortunately, for us, Skip is retiring and so this was his last course, I feel very lucky to have been able to attend. Skip is an excellent teacher, mixing a great deal of humour with sage advice from decades of training and operational experience.

The course itself gave a broad overview of the different methodologies available, no preference was given, but the advice that people should try things out for themselves and use what feels best for them. A brief introduction was given of HRVG, CRV, ERV, and the Schwartz method. Attendees’ favourite activity seemed to be a day of double blind sessions where participants rotated through the roles of viewer, monitor, and judge. We all found it an excellent learning exercise. (Using blind differential discrimination, aka, ‘police line-up’ scoring we achieved a 6 out of 12 1st place matches where chance would have given 3). Hemi-synch played only a small but important part in the week, only a few sessions of the frequencies Bob Monroe developed when working with Joe McMoneagle. A great week; lovely people, opportunity to listen to Skip and practice and learn.

Your host and Skip Atwater

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