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Interested in Remote Viewing? Taken a course but you’re not making progress? Or just want to keep practising? Bring your knowledge and experience to the group.

Interested but haven’t taken a course? Come along, we walk through the targets as exercises, and we discuss approaches and methods.

The group meets monthly in Manhattan. Join the meetup to see the schedule and RSVP for meetings.

It's a lot of fun, here's what members are saying:


“Very friendly and open-minded.”

“I found today's meeting thoroughly enjoyable and fascinating. Jon does a great job of keeping things fun while conveying a lot of interesting information. I enjoyed meeting the other group members too. I look forward to future meetings.”


“Great! Very nice group.”


“I've been to two sessions so far, and I've really enjoyed myself. Jon is serious about the work yet he provides a fun atmosphere where the group feels comfortable exploring. Remote viewing is interesting, and I'm learning new skills while enhancing others.”


“It rocks”


“Very insightful and thoughtful group. You learn to develop your "Third Eye"”


“A great opportunity to practice and discover R.V. A great group!”


“Great! A good mix of target practices and discussion.”


“Great! Knowledgeable people and good practice targets. Good energy within the group.”


“Cerebral treat as always.”

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