Practice Targets

Current TRN :


Select and make a note of a Target Reference Number (TRN) from the list below, then do your session.

If you would prefer to have some front-loading before your session select the TRN from the list and a 'Front-loading' button will appear. Clicking this will only state the type of target (e.g., person, event, location, object). 

When you've completed your session, click the Feedback link next to the TRN to see the feedback.  

Good Luck and remember: practice, practice, practice!


Viewer Timeline Tasks

These targets use the viewer’s own past / future experience as the feedback. 

My recommendation to get the most from these personal targets is to give yourself ample time, and approach the target with an extra sense of purposefulness, in that you’ll hopefully be gaining some insight into aspects of your own life.

  • Select one of the targets.

  • Do a session.

  • Look at the front-loading guidance and ensure you’ve covered the items the task is expecting (e.g. your initial session describes the outside of a structure, the front loading states the ‘Target is a structure - describe from the outside and inside’).

  • If you haven’t done so in your initial session, redo the task and capture information about all of the elements as specified by the front-loading, and only then look at the task.

I take no responsibility for what you find!  These targets are provided as practise exercises for entertainment purposes only.

Please contact me with any interesting results! 




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