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Why I started RVPGNYC

An old Blog post from 2011.

I became interested in remote viewing several years ago, and have since read several books on the topic. I didn’t do much about it, tried a few times on my own with little success. However, what I had read and seen in videos I was sure there was something to it. It wasn’t until I attended a Stephan Schwartz and Russell Targ week long workshop at the Omega Institute NY, that I actually saw something in my own sessions, and all those attending, that made it clear, there was something ‘going on’.

So I get back home, and try, and try, and keep trying, but I’ve lost it again. Very poor results. I get disillusioned but sign on for Henry Reed’s very good online course. I get some good results, in particular at the ‘outbounder’ type experiments. I also start participating in the new IRVA focal point practice group and although variable, get some good results. There seemed to be a difference between when I try online practice targets on my own, and when there are more people involved, either as taskers or more viewers on the same target.

I posed this as a question in a post to the wonderful people at TKR and, yes, general view was that the human connection made a big difference….

I look around on the site, and am disappointed to see that no one is running a remote viewing practice group in the area.

October last year I attend the “Parapsychology and Consciousness” conference hosted by Atlantic University at the A.R.E. in Virginia Beach.

I have been fascinated by Edgar Cayce, particularly since attending a talk by Sidney Kirkpatrick and subsequently reading his book; Edgar Cayce: An American Prophet📷. Here was a chance to visit ARE, and attend lectures on many interesting topics (including, of particular note for me, talks by Dean Radin and Ed May). The conference was very well run, and as expected, very interesting.

The days were engaging and the setting, with the ARE so close to the beach was beautiful, a pleasant change from the bustle of NY.

But something odd happened, instead of being relaxed by the stress free, calm environment I couldn’t sleep. I sometimes do have a hard time getting to sleep, but this was relentless. My mind just wouldn’t stop: over and over, the image of a class room setting, attendees, exercises, discussion, learning and fun. I knew what I had to do; start a group.

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