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A practical guide to the mental martial art of self-discovery


We are all, to some extent, natural psychics; it is an innate ability. 

Natural Remote Reviewing offers a concise and practical introduction to expanding your awareness through a mental martial art of self-discovery.

The goal of this guide is that given some free time, a pen and paper, a little effort, and intention you can have your own experience of verifiable psychic functioning.


Nothing esoteric is required.


A step by step remote viewing procedure guides you through the process - just sit down, relax, and let your mind tell you things not accessible through your regular senses.

Amaze yourself and others!

A clear and concise explanation of the history, terms, and methods used in the 20 year US government funded research and operational programme are outlined. Resources are offered for those interested in continuing with their research into this fascinating topic; ourselves.

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Natural Remote Viewing

Natural Remote Viewing contains all the information you require to set out on an exploration of your psychic abilities.

Following a Foreword by renown psychic detective, Pam Coronado, the first section, What Is Remote Viewing? outlines remote viewing in terms of its use, protocols and methods.

The Remote Viewing Mindset lists items the initiate remote viewer should be aware of: Remote viewing is possible, some first timer examples are given, and for a broader view Professor Jessica Utts of the University of California, Davis and former President of the American Statistical Association is quoted from her paper, An Assessment of the Evidence for Psychic Functioning. 

Examples of some further findings of experiments from the 20-year United States government-funded research programme are listed, such as No Lessening of Effect Through Distance, and Remote Viewers Are ‘Just Normal People’.  

How to Remote View outlines the job of the viewer, before explaining the mechanics of how a remote viewing exercise is set up. This is followed by a step-by-step procedure for remote viewing, and an exercise for the reader. Several example sessions are presented throughout the book.  

The More Techniques section list further methods for gaining information about the target. The section on Remote Viewing Roles explains more the mechanics that would useful for setting up a remote viewing project. The Uses of Remote Viewing explains associative remote viewing and other uses.        

The Models of Consciousness section goes to explain some of the rationale behind the remote viewing procedure in terms of how we perceive information, leading to a section on Factors that Seem to Have a Bearing on Remote Viewing.

A Very Short History of Modern-day Remote Viewing in the United States is a brief overview of the elements of parapsychology relevant to remote viewing and its use in the U.S. military.  

What People Have Said About the 1st Edition

Debra Lynne Katz

Director of The International School of Clairvoyance, and author of You Are Psychic

This highly informative and easy to understand guide is a perfect first step for anyone who is interested in learning the art of remote viewing but doesn't know where to begin. I assign this as mandatory reading for my own classes.

Brandon Jepson

Amazon review

If someone asked me how to get started in RV, I would recommend this book to them.

Darryl Smith

Amazon review

...a fantastic introduction book for the newbie/student of remote viewing. Packed with tips and great advice for the novice giving them much needed advice to try this mental martial art for themselves.

Mary Crosby

RVPGNYC member

With this remarkable little book, Jon gives anyone with the desire to try remote viewing the foundation and the tools needed to begin their own exploration of the wonders of the human mind.  As the wise have always said....Know thyself.

Berl Kaufman

RVPGNYC member, Amazon review

Terrific, short intro to RV, the au natural way....I think using this guide virtually anyone can learn how to transcend space and time and view the unimaginable.

The Book

Start your own psychic Journey with the Natural Remote Viewing eBook

Natural Remote Viewing ebook

Cost: $5.00

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Natural Remote Viewing Coaching

Here's how it works:

By clicking the Buy Now below you're committing to yourself (and me) that you're going to do some serious remote viewing practice!

  • I’ll send you a target reference number via email

  • You do your session

  • You email me back your session in PDF format, (scan all your pages and format to a single PDF file)

  • I will review and grade your session using the Targ / SRI 8 point scale, and send back hopefully encouraging comments and helpful pointers.  I'll also provide some friendly prompting to get you to do you sessions.

We do that six times.

I will review and comment on your session. I'll be looking for: 

  1. Your session to be formatted as detailed in the Natural Remote Viewing book

  2. Content, your session describes 

  3. Use of ‘AOL’

  4. A couple of sketches

  5. A short summary

Sounds like a lot of work. It is, but if you want to improve, that's what it takes.

Cost: $20

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Jon Noble has been interested in remote viewing for many years. A turning point was a week-long conference with remote viewing pioneers Russell Targ and Stephan Schwartz in 2010.

It has since become a passion, and to help spread the word he started a remote viewing practise group in 2011. The group meets regularly in New York City and aims to provide an open, friendly environment in which to discuss and practise.

Jon has studied with ex-military remote viewer Paul H. Smith in the Controlled Remote Viewing methodology, and at the Monroe Institute with Skip Atwater.

Jon runs Focal Point, the International Remote Viewing Association’s online target practice programme.

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